Properly storing kratom will greatly improve your enjoyment of this product. However, is storing kratom important? 

For those who don’t know, kratom is derived from an evergreen shrub called Mytriana Speciosa. It is the same family as coffee. That is why they have one thing in common – they are ideally consumed fresh.  

If you’re new to the world of kratom, you probably have a lot of questions in mind. Is it easy to store kratom? Do you need premium tools to store it? How long can you safely store kratom?  

If you recently purchased kratom from Red Hulu kratom – top 4 best vendors, here are some things you should know about its storage: 

Separately Store Every Dose 

Are you planning to use kratom over a short period? If so, think about storing it in separate bags or containers. Then, label every batch with the strain inside and the date you filled it.  

This method of kratom storage helps to prevent opening your container repeatedly and exposing all the capsules or powder to fresh air.  

Keep It Dry 

If moisture gets inside the containers, moisture can produce severe problems. It does not matter what type of kratom you have.  

Your only option is to get rid of everything if mold begins to grow while you are storing kratom in containers.  

To prevent this from happening, make sure you place kratom in a dry and dark place. You should not leave the jars in humid places, such as your bathroom. 

Utilize Air-Tight Containers 

Kratom leaves start to break down as soon as they come off the tree. This is due to oxygen and light exposure. To help delay this reaction, you should consider storing kratom powder in mason jars with an air-tight lid.  

You’ve got to ensure you only utilize jars with secure lids. An old container might not properly seal. Thus, it isn’t effective.  

Another well-known method for storing kratom is using vacuum-sealed food-grade plastic bags. However, this is only ideal for storing kratom for short periods.  

Is It Important to Store Kratom Properly? 

If you store kratom in poor conditions, it can damage your product. In general, kratom can last around 3 months. During that period, 2 alkaloids will start to degrade. You can preserve these compounds by storing kratom properly. If you do it right, you can extend the shelf life of kratom for more than 12 years.  

So, why should you protect the alkaloids in your kratom? Well, the reason for this is that they are mainly responsible for the flavors and effects of your product.  

For example, if you expose your kratom to fresh air, it can speed up the deterioration of the alkaloids. Thus, it can ruin the flavor of the product.  

You want to store your kratom properly for the same reasons you keep your wine corked. You want to preserve its effectiveness and freshness.  

On extreme occasions, kratom can develop mold if you don’t store it properly. If you do notice mold, the best thing you can do is to get rid of it.